“the big bird”

So I had a lunch date planned with a friend I hadn’t seen in awhile. I needed something quick and affordable, close and convenient. somewhere we could meet up in the midst of both our busy days and catch up. She suggested Uncle Wiggly’s, and small icecream and sandwich deli i had never heard of. Not knowing what to expect from the menu, I browsed the fun, quirky names given to the sandwiches and various item menus. The cashier suggested I order “The Big Bird”. This sandwich consisted of a grilled chicken breast on a roll with tomato lettuce and mayo, served with a fresh pickle and choice of any homemade side. I went with the potato salad and was pleasantly surprised. You watch the sandwich freshly made in front of you and the small deli has a real homey feel with a wall’s worth of collage arranged pictures of employees, their families. It had a relaxed welcoming atmoshpere and the staff was very friendly.

I give this Towson cheap treat spot an excellent review. Close, just down York Road towards Loyola. Affordable, fresh and healthy, tasty, overall just want I want in a quick bite!!!


check out Uncle Wiggly’s!!!


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