spice up your life.

Down York Road, (a little further than Uncle Wiggly’s from my last post) is an underrated Asian diner. Pei Wei is owned by popular parent company P.F. Chang’s China Bistro and was a pleasant surprise. For a quick meal around ten bucks it was totally worth it. I had maybe heard of this place once or twice but never actually gone to experience it. The inside design is sleek Asian style that adds to the experience. Customers order at the register and wait for their food to be brought to them. It takes a formal restaurant and cuts out the expense as well as the time consumption. I ordered the dan-dan noodles which had a little kick but were deliciousssss =)

The  menu items have symbols indicating how spict they are. Anything with what appears to be a little dancing figure next to the item is spicy. I’m usually a wuss but took a shot with this item and thoroughly enjoyed it. I also loved the mandarin orange iced-tea they had that I’ve never seen anywhere else. Pei Wei is in my opinion, underrated. This place was a nice change from where I usually grab lunch or dinner!


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