hangover cure.

Towson Hot Bagels, popularly known as THB, is the small, friendly little bakery/deli with fresh coffee, bagels, and awesome breakfast sandwiches. This is the place to go in Towson when you need some grub and hydration. As a Jersey resident, I found my first THB visit to be quite amusing. Pork roll, as anyone else from the Garden State would know, is an obsession. Porkroll & cheese sandwiches in the A.M. are a way of life. So I stroll into THB and order my pork roll & cheese, only to recieve a weird look from the cashier as if I just spoke Greek to them.

I  learned very quickly as a newcomer to the state of Maryland my freshman year of college that, in MD, it’s ‘tailored ham’, NOT porkroll. I find this amusing to this day, and worse, my dad will laugh at me everytime I slip up and say tailored ham back home!!

Title discrepencies aside, THB is the cheap, quick, replenisher of choice after a night out on the Towson town.


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